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Stirling Broadcast will be taking a Summer Break for a few months. Phone/Email for any urgent enquiries.

Stirling Broadcast offer an LS3/5a repair kit based on the Monacor drive units that are often touted as a drop-in replacement for the main drive unit of the LS3/5a - the B110. Slight physical modifications are made to the Monacor units and a replacement crossover board is provided to tailor the Monacors response to the desired LS3/5a response.

One version of this kit is provided with ScanSpeak tweeters with mesh grills, a suitable crossover, Birch ply baffles, neoprene sealing tape, self-adhesive felt squares and custom neoprene gaskets for all four drive units.

Another version of the kit is as above but without tweeters, and is for the repair of LS3/5as where there has been a B110 failure. In this case the supplied crossover targets the T27 and has adjustable level settings to match your existing T27 tweeters.  

These kit and additional LS3/5a parts, such as front grilles, felt tweeter squares, terminals and sealing strips can be found in our Ebay shop.

Both kits come with a 1 year warranty.

Stirling Broadcast also offers an in-house repair facility which includes:

Contact us for details on in-house repairs and browse our Ebay shop for our range of spare and repair parts.