Designers and builders of Loudspeakers in the BBC tradition

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To ensure greater production consistency Stirling Broadcast is switching to glued on rear panels across the range. Extensive testing has revealed no performance changes.

Mark Hennessy’s page on the original Rogers and BBC Loudspeakers

Mark Hennessy’s page on Other Models, which has history of the LS3/6 design

The Unofficial LS3/5a Support Site

Yahoo LS3/5a User Group

HiFi Unlimited’s visit to see the 001/002 pair of LS3/5as

Stereophile’s 1977 review of the BBC LS3/5 by J Gordon Holt

“The design of the miniature monitoring loudspeaker type LS3/5a” - BBC Paper

Cicable - makers of external crossovers for the LS3/5a, BC-1, and custom commisions

One4Power Mains Distribution Units