Previously Stirling Broadcast offered an LS3/5a repair kit based on the Monacor drive units that are often touted as a drop-in replacement for the main drive unit of the LS3/5a - the B110. Slight physical modifications were made to the Monacor units and a replacement crossover board was provided to tailor the Monacors response to the desired LS3/5a response.

Stirling Broadcast now offer an expanded range of repair parts and in-house repair facilities which include: 

  • Comprehensive stock of highest quality repair parts, including complete replacement baffle assemblies kits to fit all classic LS3/5a's (1974 - 1998)

  • Factory repairs to all LS3/5a's Classic LS3/5a cabinets, baffles, grilles, connectors.

  • LS3/5a complete loudspeaker Kits for DIY or ready built and tested with 2 year warranty.

Contact Stirling Broadcast for details on in-house repairs and browse Stirling Broadcast's Ebay shop for their range of spare and repair parts.